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Bank bank account reconciliation services

Bank bank account reconciliation services

Is an ongoing work of commercial banks ' internal control, with the rapid development of network technology and modern communications technology, more and more customers are using electronic banking daily banking, online books, self-help books became popular.
reconciliation of monthly reconciliations and quarterly, half year accounts for reconciliation, checked by the end of last month on the account balance. General requirements for reconciliation is completed in 15 or 20 business days. Mailed statement handed over to the post office or financial services companies. Post Office posted of, General by customer on finished account Hou since has sent back Bank or mailing back bank specified counter or mail; financial service company posted of, General is express personnel served of Shi on can sealed back, from customer back mail of trouble, such also improve has limitation, so many Bank now are put on Bill handed specifically of financial service company, posted, and recycling fast efficient.
reconciliation requirements of banking law, as an obligation, not to banks and enterprises bring benefits to both sides, so many businesses and even banks have not paid much attention to.
is a simple process of reconciliation, and last month the company basically ready, get statements simply follow the deadlines above, compared the above amount and amount on your book, if it matches, in the match that tick a box, stamped with a seal or authorized signatures on the line.