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Apple Pay to 12 banks such as Industrial Bank of first line

  at present, iPhone6 above models of cell phones, Apple Watch and iPad loaded with UnionPay logo on the Société Générale banking/credit card, you can easily experience the Apple Pay offline businesses online App and consumers.

  for Apple Pay is concern of manipulation "fast" sense, professional people said, and intelligent phone general installation of sweep code paid way compared, using Apple Pay line Xia paid Shi, without scan II dimension code, also without points bright display and the open APP, relies on innovation of near field communications (NFC) antenna design, as long as will iPhone near UnionPay "cloud Flash pay" POS terminal, while in Touch ID Shang validation fingerprint can completed ; Online payment or even simple fingerprint, no extra action.  If Apple Watch-media, press the two side buttons and dial near the contactless card reader, you can feel the ' wrists to purchase the ' magic. 

  Apple's extensive product range, especially adding payment features wearable smart devices become more popular, so that people have more imagination on the traditional payment experience. "Security" and "Privacy" is the core weapons move Apple Pay in the rivers and lakes. Apple introduces Apple Pay to ensure the safety of leiqi user payment information "impregnable fortress", with the help of "cloud lightning" combination of Token (paying mark) technology to achieve.  User in Apple products Terminal added credit card or financial card, actual card, both not storage Yu equipment, also not storage Yu Apple Server, more not was sent to businesses, system will automatically for each bit customer distribution a only of equipment account, encryption Hou storage in equipment of security chip in the, and fingerprint operation together reinforcement this surface "bastion", ensure paid process always private, and security.

  as a payment institution, Societe Generale also spare no efforts to actively expand the mobile payment use scenarios, including supermarkets, boutiques, restaurants, cafes and other daily Merchant payment for environmental improvement, will lead people into a new mobile living space.