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Valuation "ice fire" Internet banking giant "super price" listed Sprint

Recently, Ant-gold suit IPO plan exposed, valuations is expected 200 billion to 250 billion yuan (about 35 billion to 40 billion US dollars), comparable to listed joint-stock banks by market capitalisation. Earlier, Lu Jin, Jing dong financial micro-banks are outgoing and pre-IPO financing plans, valuations of Internet financial institutions emerge. Venture argue that settled on their Internet financial development pattern, large platform scale valuations from tens of billions of to hundreds of millions of, large size. Meanwhile, the early development of single business platforms such as net lending platform, its prospects have not been investment sector, valuations shrink even institutions are no longer willing to invest. Internet financial development pattern initially, "Matthew effect" more obvious is the "ice fire". Giant valuations higher Valuations of Internet financial myths continue, various Giants have begun fighting battles over the sea in the capital market. Ant-gold service plans shows that company by 2017 in the a-share listing. Lu Jin, Jingdong financial outgoing listing plans. China ping an said, Lu Jin is also actively preparing for the IPO, does not rule out later this year or next year. However, some institutions such as brokerages who said, based on the Internet, this type of platform business span large, covering banking, securities, insurance and other sectors. Such emerging financial institutions wanted to land a-share market is still a long way. After all how this class relies on the Internet has a huge financial services map to carry out effective supervision of institutions or placed in front of each Department's dilemma, financial risk prevention is the most important and critical, the problem is not resolved, listing the obstacles on the road hasn't cleared. "As traditional banks and other financial institutions in capital market situation analysis, judging from the recent market, CITIC Bank, Industrial Bank, China Minsheng Bank and a number of joint-stock Bank's market capitalisation at between 250 billion to 350 billion yuan. Ant-gold clothing valued at 200 billion to 250 billion yuan, has been comparable to the size of a large joint-stock banks in China, the new financial institutions market is very bullish on the Internet. "Shenzhen venture capital agency say such promising emerging financial institutions because of its strong Internet gene and accumulated a huge variable flow, such as Ali, Tencent, East of Beijing.