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Market sentiment the repair smooth delivery date

Yesterday three major stock indices also show strong, strong SSE 50 index and hushen 300 index futures, while the CSI 500 index did slightly worse than the futures market.  As of yesterday's close, the CSI 300 index 3063.32 points, or 0.87%; Shanghai 50 index at 2014.44, or 0.68%; in the CSI 500 index at 5971.41 points, up 1.17%. Basis, the three major futures contract has posted waters of the month status, moderate enlargement of the IH, IC month contract discount, IF the current month contract discount narrowed. Up close, IF1602 posted waters 17.72 points, IH1602 posted waters 13.64 points, IC1602 premium, 24.41. Contract position, coming near to the delivery date, the three month contract would lighten up. Which IF1602 sold 12780 hand positions 12672, we sell 4564 IH1602 traded 4731 hand positions 5208, we sell 1613; IC1602 sold 7984 hand positions 8589, we sell 2853. Analysts pointed out that from the past two days, January increase in credit was gained in one of the main reasons, seen from the historical data, often credit and share trends were positively correlated. The current credit is expected to be high to maintain, supported on the index. Integrated recently three trends and differentiation, futures futures analyst Zhang Hao Yin Jian pointed out that current refers to the main contract with three premium in spot index and far month contracts a reverse pattern. Spot index, a stock market hot spots continue to be concentrated in and small-cap stocks, blue chips are primarily financial, real estate, petrochemical and other sectors near the 3rd gain rankings are relatively deep, which is the current CSI 500 index performance continued to be strong in Shanghai 50 and the main causes of the CSI 300 index. Share hot topic continues "as the CSI 500 index-related stock valuation is high, although there is speculation of funds but find it hard to maintain the momentum, so in the case of blue-chip market has not been started, the current market remains oversold rebound, defined as the tendency of rising prices was too early. "Zhang Hao believes that after a period of sharp fall in January, must rebound in demand in the current market, but because of the weak economic Outlook, as well as overcapacity, industrial, building materials, metallurgy and lack of weight plates rising momentum, so the financial sector's performance will determine the futures market. Prospect future, Zhang Hao think, current Bank, and brokerage, and insurance, plate index in August 2015 late low points near get must support, if future can this based Shang attract funds continued concern, so three big period refers to will will further rose, or period refers to future also will bearing pressure go weak, and Shanghai 50 and CSI 300 period refers to rebound height will weak Yu in the card 500 period refers to. For the market in the near future, he said, the three major indexes 3rd consecutive rise after the Spring Festival holiday, the average Bull arranged, suggesting market or will continue to rebound. The current market sentiment recovered, but because of the approaching delivery date, contracts open interest and volume continued to decline in recent months, and contract positions and trading volume will rise next month, describes the current spatial layout of main funds are focusing on both sides next month contracts, expected Friday closing date, the futures market will become more stable.