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Zhang tielin endorsement 1.9 billion yuan of assets the company burst cash crisis

  communication at the date of the meeting, and without the company came forward, claims to investors, the investment manager, quite confusing, investors this morning, 400-500 people, nearly 200 people at the scene in the afternoon. Number of investors in companies involved in Shanghai, says more than 5,000 people, little also said there are more than 2000 people.

  wealth manager is given with a value of about 1.9 billion yuan. According to some investors, they invest in Xin-Qi's assets less the amount of 200,000-300,000 yuan, many millions of Yuan, the first two years could receive interest on time, investment in the subject matter of the contract are the property of Zhengzhou project. New issue of interest should have been paid on February 15 this year. But did not pay, it was 16th on the Xin Qi was found assets Shanghai Branch, the message coming out of that company executives were arrested. Wealth managers are informed on 16th 17th meeting of investors. It is claiming to be representatives of parties, Xin Qi assets now gives the plan a was arrived in the House, according to 85 percent of the price to the House or a parking space, the other is the guarantee to help investors to sell the House within a year. But investors did not reach a unified solution, most people insist on paying interest on the repayment of principal.

  according to public information, Xin Qi assets full called Shaanxi Xin Qi assets management advisory limited, predecessor established Yu July 2005, Hou Yu May 2012 changed its name, registered capital 200 million Yuan Yuan, is a by National Bureau registration registered of professional assets management advisory service institutions, as "assets securities of" of pioneer, company main engaged in assets management, and investment management, and financial advisory, and property intermediary and the information advisory, service. Xin Qi asset business model for "short + ownership transfer of housing finance", simply put, is to buy real estate and sell packaged financial products to investors, mortgage for the property. It is worth mentioning that, on December 30 last year, Xin Qi capital was also held in Shanghai Grand customer appreciation, invited Jiang Dawei, Yu Heng and other stars perform for investors.