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International gold prices rose "go cows" is still uncertain

&Nbsp;    yesterday, the reporter visited the major gold shop in this city know that, under the influence of international gold prices surged, gold prices have risen sharply, the city, and before the Spring Festival compared to a gain of about 30 yuan per gram. "On February 12, the price of gold rose to 262 Yuan per gram, and the previous day's closing price of only 242 Yuan per gram. We store the gold jewelry prices generally rose, in old temple gold, for example, from 307 Yuan/g up to 322 Yuan per gram. "Horse of the first Yaohan's Office told reporters that rising international gold prices and gold Spring Festival shopping season are two big booster. From February 6 to 13th,/f, the first Yaohan Mall gold jewellery sales rose 35.24%. For consumers, Ms Jia on December 31 last year bought 50 g technology bar, then price of 252 Yuan per gram. Yesterday, the brand process gold bullion price rose to 282.4 Yuan per gram. Only 1.5 months, Jia Lady of gold bullion value 1520.
2011 1922 dollars an ounce the previous Gold bull market peak. Since then, the gold and silver market all the way down, inadvertently has fallen by 4 years, up to the price of gold fell to 45.6%, only to 1046 dollars an ounce. The wave of "Chinese mother" shocked the world snapped up gold price, also around 1250 dollars an ounce from top to bottom, until now will only be forced out. Experts point out that people investing in gold, buying gold jewelry known as "buying up not buying down" tradition, but should now buying gold, still depends on consumer expectations of investment horizon.
in terms of medium-and long-term, cycle reverse cycle and the dollar price of gold evident. 2-3 years in the future, a stronger dollar cycle is not yet over, so does gold really ushered in the "bears go bulls" is not clear, buying may get halfway up. Short term trend, recent upheavals in global stock markets also don't see clear signs of improvement, which was further enhanced by gold's safe-haven status, so it would be better for short term buying opportunity.