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Exchange rate stability expected more attractive upgrade

  After January's turmoil after weakening, Yuan against the US dollar since the middle of the week, spot exchange rate both rose sharply. Analysts noted that currency stages strong momentum will continue. With the return of exchange-rate stability is expected, some time in the future the Renminbi assets attraction is expected to increase.
during the Spring Festival, the dollar index fell sharply, CNH offshore in Hong Kong continued to rise in the exchange rate of RMB and other factors, the monkey first day (Monday), the middle price of RMB exchange rate and the spot exchange rate are both significantly stronger. Yuan central parity against the dollar on the same day refresh since January 4 this year close to one-month highs at the same time, Yuan exchange rate hit its biggest one-day gain since July 2005 revaluation.
on February 16, despite 0.82% a sharp rebound in the dollar index overnight, the onshore Yuan spot designated as well as offshore CNH continues around 6.50 a consolidation in the exchange rate. Overall, with the RMB exchange rate since February in the offshore and onshore markets on the rise, inside and outside the RMB exchange rate level is more in line, cross-border speculative arbitrage space eliminated.