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Where did the money go? Residents and businesses to medium-and long-term loans increased

&Nbsp;       head of Research Department of Huaxia Bank development strategy room yangchi medcal articales think RMB loans increase far exceeded expectations last month, mainly for four reasons: first, the accelerated infrastructure construction, part of last year's backlog of credit loans set to launch early this year and lead to medium-and long-term loans increased 1.06 trillion yuan. Second, promulgated a policy of encouraging development of the real estate market directly boosted real estate development loans and individual housing loans, medium-and long-term loans of 478.3 billion yuan for residents. Three are debt currency conversion. January issued foreign currency loans equivalent to reduction of 172.7 billion yuan, up by 193.9 billion yuan less, reflect this trend. Four are governed the shadow banking system, standardize interbank operations and other factors, turn off-balance sheet financing continuing trend within a table.
"credit demand by steady growth gradually began to fall in the early stimulation, earlier this year, and the banks in general are more likely to commit substantial seasonal factors, loans rose at the beginning, the M1 and M2' scissors ' form to expand. "The Bank of communications, senior fellow at the Center for financial studies Chen Ji believes that the Central Bank's support of various monetary policy tools, back ample liquidity in the market," direct financing of RMB loans increased YoY rise shows that indirect financing and direct financing to support the real economy have increased. ”