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Stop micro-change tangle withdrawal charges 70 bank transfer fee online free

  recently, considered free policy a minimum of ICBC announced February 22-bank transfer free; CCB execution policy of mobile Bank free from this year. Previously, China Merchants Bank, Bank of Ningbo, peace, China Everbright Bank and other banks have announced the Internet transfer free, Minsheng Bank also recently reaffirmed its phone bank transfer to account in real time, free of any charges. According to incomplete statistics, over more than 70 mainstream banks have introduced online transfers transfer fees free policy.

  in this regard, many netizens said that although Bank App experience is not particularly good, but in order to save money, he will consider returning services. Also the Netizen said on March 1 "die" before the arrival of cash, so to pay a fee. SINA's latest survey, 83.3% one think the app should not charge fees, netizens expressed their support of only 16.7%; 66.7% of users said that they would not continue to use the micro-purse, will switch to other tools such as Alipay, 33.3% users are not affected.